Batea Gold Pan


Batea Gold pans are used worldwide for quick efficient panning.


The basic principle of this pan’s efficiency is as follows:
In order to maximize the ideal effects of specific gravity, all the material has to be completely suspended in water.

As the batea is worked underwater or level with the surface full fluidization is maintained. Next the spiral motion of the water creates lift so light material in the pan is quickly suspended and eliminated. Heavy materials separate according to their weight and trap gold, moving it towards the center and bottom of the pan. A professional can get to this stage in 1 minute. Next when the pan contains approximately 1 tablespoon of heavy concentrate (blacks sands, sulphides, grey sands, and gold) this pan really excels.

Drain the pan of water keeping the concentrate in the center of the pan. Gently force the pan straight down underwater and rotate the pan slowly. The boiling action of the water entering the pan combined with the slow large spiral of water eliminates 90% of the black sand with no gold loss. Repeat this action approximately 3 times and a minimal amount will remain, but all the gold. No other pan will do this. Period.

Just flush the pan off into a ziplock freezer bag while holding the lip of the plan inside the bag, and you are done.